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ACHD Rolls Out Online Bike Map to Help with Boise Greenbelt Closures, Collects Sand from Empty Bags as Flood Recovery Begins

Flooded Sidewalk sign jpgAs the Boise River recedes from the beyond-flood levels of recent months, ACHD urges the public to be mindful of continuing hazards along the river posed by still-high flows, abundant tree snags and a heavily damaged Greenbelt, which officially remains closed in several places.

The flood waters that covered and battered the greenbelt left a lot of damage -- some of it obvious and some of it hidden. Please obey the closures for safety. Realizing that the greenbelt is a vital bicycle route, ACHD has produced an online version of its bicycle map, accessible by computer or smartphone, which can help riders plan alternate routes.

Regarding cleanup, ACHD has partnered with Ada County to collect sand from used sand bags through July 7th. Sand should be emptied into the sand piles for pickup and the bags tossed into trash cans. Collections will occur at:

  • Ada County: Expo Idaho at the West Parking Lot, 5610 Glenwood St., Garden City
  • Star: Riverwalk Park, 1000 S. Main St., Star
  • Eagle: Eagle Fire Station No. 1, 966 Iron Eagle Dr., Eagle
  • Garden City: 405 E. 48th St., Garden City

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