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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

Recent News and Replies

August 20

Truck drivers can legally ignore a "no compression brakes" sign on Ten Mile Mile Road near Ustick Road; extra-wide right-hand turn lanes up and down Broadway Avenue in Boise; reader suggests painting "BMUFL" on roads instead of using sharrows.

August 13

ACHD will fix winter-damaged sidewalks, and homeowners can coordinate driveway repairs with the work; long-standing warning sign on Swan Falls Road due to busted hinges on sewer pump manhole lid; no stop to some drivers turning right from southbound Broadway Avenue onto Front Street and quickly cutting across four lanes to use shopping entrance

August 6

Reader wants ACHD to stop painting "sharrows" on roads and use advisory signs instead; the signal on Whitewater Park Boulevard at Fairview Avenue has a long left-turn wait that benefits other drivers; white "crosses" create question

July 30

Sprinklers turned off during work along Ustick Road ruined grass; the intersection of Shenandoah and Roanoke drives in Boise "springs" a leak; concern about flashing yellow arrow left-turn signal at Five Mile Road and Chinden Boulevard

July 23

Locust Grove Road gets push toward becoming five lanes; Camelot Drive and Freemont Street didn't get painted stop bars because the stops are temporary; sunken asphalt and stop sign change request on Janeen Street

July 16

The point of green road stripes at the Main Street/Fairview Avenue/Garden Street intersection; the benefits of green left-turn-arrow signals coming after through-traffic green; view of oncoming traffic turning left from Laramie Place onto Eastgate Drive meets requirements but speeding is a problem

July 9

Reader says wrong-side-of-the-road parking more common in the Treasure Valley; pedestrian signal on Ustick Road near Ash Park Lane not likely to be replaced with a HAWK signal any time soon; meaning of yellow "trucks" signs at intersection lane designations

July 2

Concrete drop off will be made smooth as construction progresses at the Fairview Avenue and Cole Road intersection; no left-turn exits make it tough for Cloverdale Road residents to get home from a gas station at Franklin Road; despite great effort, it's tough to prevent illegal parking at the Simplot Sports Complex

June 25

Too little green light time for left-turn backups at Curtis Road and Chinden Boulevard; left turns on red light at Whitewater Park Boulevard onto Fairview Avenue no longer allowed; sinkholes filled after lost phone messages

June 18

Will ACHD handle Kuna subdivision weeds? Still sandy from winter in hilly Boise cul-de-sac; questions about 20 mph speed limit on 36th Street heading to the hills in Boise

June 11

Who goes first when drivers arrive at roundabout entrances at the same time? Flashing yellow arrow requested for eastbound Overland Road at Entertainment Avenue; ACHD street sweepers visit all locations equally instead of spending extra time in north Boise neighborhoods

June 4

"No Thru Trucks" sign requested for Everett Street near Fairview Avenue; timing of the traffic signal at Emerald Street and Curtis Road fixed after malfunctions; hairpin turn on Seamans Gulch Road to remain

May 28

Storm drains are working but overwhelmed on flooded Barber Valley Way in East Boise; bicyclist nearly hit on Emerald Street near Cole Road by drivers entering bike lane to sneak a peak at congestion ahead; reader reports fear of flashing yellow left-turn arrows

May 21

Burnett Drive posted as Quercus Avenue but goes back to Burnett by bending the rules; trick for worn-out sandbag-filling folks; residents should safeguard storm drains to avoid flooding; Road Wizard column has new link on a new page

May 14

Reader watches speeding and crashes at Curtis Road and Northview Street and hopes for a sign; construction signs said to cause hazards at Keldoon Avenue and Braemere Road; overkill sweeping reported for small subdivision at Coleen Drive


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