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Draft ACHD Fiscal 2018 Budget

Commission adoption hearing on August 23, 2017 -- 6 p.m.
ACHD Auditorium -- 3775 Adams St., Garden City

The proposed $117.9 million spending plan for fiscal 2018 includes a record-setting number of projects to increase safety and mobility, which also provides for the maintenance and operation of Ada County's roads, sidewalks, traffic signals, bike lanes and related infrastructure. The draft budget includes a $60.7 million capital program with 130 projects, including:

  • An improved State Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway intersection -- $6.7 million
  • A new Cole Road/Lake Hazel Road intersection -- $5 million
  • A retooled Emerald Street & Americana Boulevard, from Orchard Street to Ann Morrison Park -- $1.5 million
  • An upgraded, upper Bogus Basin Road with turnouts, a news trailhead and other safety features -- $4.4 million
  • An enhanced Cloverdale Road from Fairview Avenue to Ustick Road -- $2.5 million
  • An revamped Pine Avenue from Meridian Road to Locust Grove Road -- $3.1 million

For the first time in several years, the draft budget includes a property tax increase with the ACHD Commission majority authorizing $2.2 million in new revenue, which includes a three-percent increase in the general tax rate ($1 million), as well as an increase for the value of new construction added to the county's tax roll ($1.2 million). Combined, it equals a 6.4 percent increase in the year-over-year property tax revenue. Details of the Fiscal 2018 Budget.

Draft Fiscal 2018 Budget:

A closely related document to the budget is the FY2018-2022 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (Initial Draft) (IFYWP).


Ever wonder how roads get improved, how signals replace STOP signs or how new sidewalks are added to older streets?

By its nature, the planning, preparing and building of multi-million dollar projects takes a few years -- but the resulting asphalt, bridges and sidewalks last for decades. Each year, new items are added to our infrastructure do-list and this workshop will show you how to suggest that your pet project be what we build in the near future.

The first workshop on March 16 gave an overview of the process, while the July 27th workshop showed how input from the public has been incorporated in next year's draft budget.

The public is welcome to testify at the Commission hearing in August or to send comments in advance. Please try to get any correspondence in at least a few days before the hearing to allow the Commissioners time to best consider your views.


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