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Sweeping News When Will the Winter Sand Be Gone?

February 13, 2017 Update: ACHD has its entire fleet of 22 sweepers working in the nine zones across Ada County, matching operators to the routes they know intimately to remove sand from winter maintenance. Updates on when the sweepers will hit areas within the zones, information we hope to have available soon.

The sweepers will focus first on arterial and collector roads, and streets that drain to and can impact the Boise River. It is estimated that the first phase will take four weeks. The focus will then turn to residential areas. It may take up to 10 additional weeks to sweep the entire county.

The sweeping plan is divided into nine zones. This enables crews to meet or exceed the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits issued by the EPA, and better serve the people in Ada County. The following is the general schedule the sweeping crews follow every year:

  • October through February:
    • Finish sweeping chips from chip sealing if needed and zone sweeping. Crews are also busy sweeping leaves as well as sand throughout the county after winter maintenance.
  • March through May:
    • Street sweeping by zone. The county has been divided in nine zones for street sweeping purposes.
  • June through September:
    • Sweeping up excess chips behind the chip sealing crews.

Throughout the year, crews also respond to emergencies and calls across Ada County.

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