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ACHD Budget Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017

ACHD Commissioners adopted a $103 million spending plan on August 24, 2016 that meets Ada County’s transportation needs with a robust list of new projects.

For the eighth year running, the budget keeps the basic property tax at the same level. The Commission majority opted to levy the year-to-year growth in the overall tax roll (the value of newly improved properties in the past year), which will raise an additional $1.2 million for roadway improvements.

By law, the Commission can consider up to a three-percent increase in the property tax rate, plus the annual amount for growth in the value of taxable property within the county. Bypassing a base increase saved taxpayers $1 million.

ACHD’s road infrastructure was recently rated as the best in the Northwest to include Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, and was also rated as in the top echelons across the County for Urban / Rural roads. “What we do touches everybody’s life, every day,” said Commissioner Sara Baker, noting that the ACHD’s $3 billion system includes sidewalks, bike lanes and roads rated as some of the nation’s best. “I’m proud of our budget.”

Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 Budget By Sections

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